Halo Headbands


Halo Headbands

Halo Dryline fabric absorbs sweat and diverts moisture quickly. With Sweat Block Technology the concept is simple: A watertight, nonslip seal is built into each Halo Headband directing sweat away from your eyes and keeping headband in place, even when saturated.

  • No elastic to wear out.
  • One size fits all.
  • Pullover design provides a secure comfortable fit.
  • Works under all helmets.

Promote your company, team or event with custom printed Halo Headbands. We can print your logo or specific design on any of our Halo products. Minimum order applies and can be a mix of different colors and styles of headbands.

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I am an ardent bicyclist and in this endeavor I’ve been perturbed by sweating that blinds my eyes. While this is a nuisance, it is at the same time a safety issue because it impacts on my vision. I have tried different sweatbands, but they all seem to break down after 30 minutes on the road. Well, not anymore. I recently purchased Halo headbands and I am very impressed. This product is wonderful as it completely keeps the sweat away from my eyes. Thank-you Niblock Enterprises. I am very happy you offer this product.

Mark – bicyclist.