GU Energy Gel


GU Energy Gel

Launched in 1991, GU Energy Gel is the world’s first energy gel and is still the most efficient fuel for athlete’s today. A high mark up product for you, GU Energy Gel delivers easily-digested and long-lasting energy for athlete’s in any sport and at all levels. GU is fortified with ginger to sooth the stomach and sea salt provides a host of minerals. Ensure you can offer your customers, the product that is asked for by name!

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My husband and I first used the GU energy gel in a half marathon. We got advice on how to use the supplement during races. We use GU energy supplement for running and it gives us immense energy within no time. The product is very convenient as I easily store it in my bra and my husband keeps him in the pocket without any troubles. GU energy gel is a splendid product with various flavors and we love all of them.

Emma – Marathoner.