Endurance Films

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Endurance Films

Endurance Films provides a large variety of sports DVD’s suitable for the beginner to seasoned athlete covering a wide variety of sports including: cycling, triathlon (transitions), running, swimming, extreme Sports, core, performance enhancement and many more….

Endurance Films are a perfect gift for your friends, family and dedicated significant others that are pursuing endurance sports!

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The Endurance Films I bought have made me see the eyes, the body language and the bike movement of fellow bicyclists and as they strive to push their boundaries, I’m also inspired to push mine. They offer really a large collection of Endurance DVDs and I have bought some for a beginner athlete for my daughter’s swimming and several for a seasoned athlete to enhance my cycling. Endurance films are a great way that has helped me work a little harder and endure long past the point the mind says enough, courtesy of NiblockEnterprises.com.

Sam – cyclist.